Monday, September 12, 2011

Picture This! It's Catch-up Day...

Games are a big hit this year. Star Wars Stratego has always been a family favorite.
Pictureka has also been a very fun game of I-spy. All the kids enjoy playing. I think this was played at 11:30pm on a Friday night.
And lest you think I am showing you our new dog...I am not. Well, sort of not. This is also a photo of our new carpet and vinyl in the master area. So soft! And it sure beats the carpeted bathroom and mauve sculptured mess we had. Lowe's did a great job!
And here is a great use for teenagers! Mowing! But really that is just one of his many talents. Such a great kid--and a great chore to use in bribery...
While the mowing happened, there were wagon rides going on...looks like fun! But they don't steer very well. You learn a lot from experience.
This is a combo of math, lunch, snacking. Works well except for the greasy peanut butter and sticky syrup. Oh well. They are happy and fed.
A day at the park with friends. Em wearing the hat she crocheted.
Jord and Liz spinning, and spinning, and ...oi! Making me ill!
Kim swinging and trying to get trinity to swing with her. K could swing all day long....
The boys brought a box of toy guns to play with. This is Jacob and Isaiah on the hill.
Jacob took this shot of me and Liz. I think I was talking on the cell phone...I get all dressed up to go to the park..LOL!
Family photo for church, taken in August. Nice!
Just the kids...Very Nice!
Another nice thing---brownie bites with powdered sugar and strawberries...made by Emily! And quite delicious!
Another late night fun thing---playdough creating. Emily made a wedding cake and Jordan made the taj mahal....seriously, he did.
And this is the lazy hound dogs ready for the night, in the laundry room. Yes we use a baby gate to keep them in.
So that is what has been happening lately, in pictures.
Busy week ahead...will post this weekend with more photos, i hope!

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