Saturday, March 9, 2013


Traditionally I do not take a spring break, but now that I have 2 in youth group, and the youth typically do mission work on spring break, we are partaking.
This year the youth minister's wife is just days from delivering her 2nd baby so they are staying local. I decided to do minimal schooling, let them work mission work for 2 days, go on a field trip one day, take one day off, and then there will only be Friday left. Friday is jam packed with co-op from 8:45-12:15, then radio drama practice until 4, supper break, then ECD from 6-9.
So in preparation we are spending today planning it out and switching out some long sleeves for short sleeves and shorts. Tis the season in Texas. We are at the point on several warm days, a couple of cooler/cooler days and the cycle goes on. By mid April or early May we will be warm all the time, bordering on hot, so may as well get the task started. We can pack up the rest of the long sleeved stuff at the end of April. And then we won't have to deal with long sleeves again until at least November or December.
We are all looking forward to this spring break. It is good to take a break here and there. Hope your family has a great time, too, whether you take spring break or not.

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