Monday, March 4, 2013


Odd post title, I admit, but I was lying awake in bed (shocking, I know) and thinking of numbers of things to come. Thought it might make an interesting post so here goes. Pardon the randomness that is my life!

3--Sherlock season 3 is beginning production in the UK (love that show!!)
5---i have five fab kids!
1---the first day of each week we get to worship and practice LTC
62--days until we are at the beach house! Heaven!
18---days until the official start of spring--boo for bugs and tornadoes, though
60---days until Iron Man 3 comes out
74---days until Star Trek Into Darkness comes out
25---days until LTC competition
12---hours I spent in self defense class
5---new dresses i have purchased this spring, thus far
4---days until the start of "spring break"
3---the season of LOST we are currently watching
7---seasons of Psych ...'nuff said!
1---season 1 of Merlin we are currently watching, again
87--days until June, when summer really begins!!!!!!
1---supportive, handsome husband, til death do we part :)

Ok, so i don't really have that many numbers and I had to struggle to come up with those last few....I know many involve media, but we are fans here of the above mentioned media, and then some.

So other than the numbers, I finally had a couple of hours free to do my taxes this past weekend, and afterward we spent an afternoon at the grandparents house. Even though we live less than 30 miles away, our lives are all so busy that we rarely get to see them, and both sets live in the same town. That goes for aunts, uncles, and cousins too.
We did our first of the month shopping, found some beach swimwear, and just by chance got about 150# of beef since my dad's freezer went out.
I sewed another diaper bag.
I survived fight simulation night at RAD class...but found out I can be quite to get a handgun and concealed  carry license.
My son did his first dissection.
My drama group delivered lines off script! Hallelujah! Needs some work though.
School order for spring is in the order baskets, almost ready to go. Think I will wait to order though. i have no desire to store it and go thru it yet.
Planning for summer clothes has begun.
And that is just about the sum of life here in suburbia!
have a very wonderful week! We'll chat soon.....

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