Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life is an adventure....

Our life the past 2 weeks has been moving at light speed, I think.
We got registered for our homeschool co-op classes. This semester we only have 12 families, but 42 kids, and 17 of those are 7th-12th graders. Some of our classes are Birds, Radio Drama, Biology Dissection for credit, Fallacy Detective, Hands On History WW2, Pioneer Survival, Weather, Missionaries in Vietnam, and PE to name a few.
My oldest son went to T3 which is a university model weekend seminar for learning how to go forth with the gospel. Unfortunately he got very sick while there. But he did enjoy his classes and didn't get sick until they were over.
Our youth group, which includes 2 of my kids, served a supper to the congregation's PrimeTimers on Monday and the theme was 1950's. My friend Angel bought fabric for poodle skirts for most of the 7th grade girls and I made the skirts. The kids looked so wonderful and had a great time. And not just the kids I sewed for.
I also got an order for a diaper bag for a homeschool friend, so I ordered fabric, and realized our youth minister's wife had a shower coming up, so I am going to make her a diaper bag too. It is Wednesday, the shower is Sunday, and the fabric is not here yet. Saturday will be busy for my sewing machine and me.
The kids have been studying daily at home for LTC. The artwork is finished and just needs to be matted, the teaching is almost done, the short film is submitted, and the songs for sign language are learned. Now if we can just get those drama and puppet scripts memorized.
We spent last weekend moving the boys furniture. We separated the bunk beds and the room has much better flow now. One chest had to go in the closet (small closet), but the room is only 10 by 11 so space is not abundant.
The oldest three are working toward dance recital with ballet, tap and jazz. Kim dropped out this semester.
My in laws 50th anniversary is coming up in April and Jacob is going to put together the slide show. But that has to wait until LTC ends.
Piano is about to start back for Jacob. He loves it, and has been working on his new music maker computer program to compose for his movies. He also wants to go to singing camp this summer. We gave him the green light. It will be a great experience for him and he will learn a  lot.
I am currently taking a Self Defense class. It is a bit intimidating to learn to fight, but I have to admit, it was fun to throw punches at the cops. You can really get some agression out and find out how strong you are.
We are planning a beach vacation again so we all will need swimwear. I am going to order it this year. I just do not want to sew it again. Cost is very similar and my time is worth something too. We found some great stuff at HydroChic, Modestly Yours, and Lands End. Gonna be good stuff. We won't swim as much this year with the neighbors moved.
There will also be camps this summer and VBS. My oldest girl really wants to be a counselor when she is old enough. She even talked of doing that as a  career.
Right now the younger three kids are painting Easter eggs and adding decor...I know it is wayyy early, but they wanted to. One is practicing piano and one is baking chocolate peanut butter swirl cookies. In a bit they will help cook supper and we will do LTC quiz together before bible class.
Busy is good. The days are golden. The memories are sweet.
Well, except that the painting is going downhill quickly so I have to go monitor the situation...

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