Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Changes in Curriculum? Maybe.

Ok, if you are a homeschooler, you will relate to this post. We buy lots of curriculum for our kids. Year to year they have differing needs, and each one seems to learn a bit differently than the last one. So we buy, sell, trade, and sometimes buy the same stuff again00even though we thought we'd never need it again.

Yeah. that's where I am. For my oldest two I used Daily Grams to supplement LLATL. Didn't need to, just thought it was good drill here and there. Then i thought we didn't truly need it, so i sold it. And lo, I do need it! And I need it now! For kid number 3, who really needs that extra reinforcement. What was I thinking??!! But until that order arrives we are using online resources like Grammar Ninja, Funbrains's Grammar Gorillas and some stuff off ABCya. I really like Daily Grams layout and skills so I got the 3rd and 4th grade levels...for my 5th grader. That sweet, smart kid, also needs the handwriting the program provides, though we do lots of handwriting and copywork as it is.

Science. That is another item I am looking at changing. Don't get me wrong. We love Apologia, but the oldest girl is not thrilled with it. So this summer we are looking at BJU. I hear good things, and it is also creation based. I guess we will just look at it and see if it fits her. She's already switched math on me from Saxon to Teaching Textbooks to Life of Fred (which apparently makes her very happy). I can see #3 disliking Sonlight at the HS level...OY!

I also am about to buy our third globe. Apparently we are very hard on globes. World maps are good too, but for tilt and realism, I like a big globe. The last one was used as a ball after the stand broke. And since I still have a 1st and 3rd and 5th grader, a globe is a must.

I wonder what else I will purchase (possibly for a second time) as our yearly needs change?

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