Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Past Few Days

 School. That is what we have been up to, as evidenced above. Monday thru Friday we are working hard, learning lots. But we have fun too. Art, PE, park days, parties, field trips, etc. It's good.
 Second pair of new jeans...with an old top from JCPenney and topsiders.
 Love to see the kids still playing together. The swings are the all time favorite thing for all the kids.
 Jordan turned 9 this week, so last Saturday he invited some friends for a nerf war, hot dogs, and smores. Unfortunately it started raining right before the party so they had to war in the house. We still did smores outside. I made sure to take some pictures because I had realized that when my oldest daughter turned 13 a few weeks ago, i never took a single picture! What a horrible mom! I think she got some pics though so I am going to steal them sometime. They had a pizza party sleepover and danced the night away to Owl City.
 Valentine Day party with the homeschool group. I wore new capris, an Old Navy t-shirt and a clearance jacket from Kohl's. And the $7 flats that I wear with almost everything. Obviously the mirror is dirty...ooops.
 Kids eating at the party after decorating valentine bags and passing out cards. They also played bingo and had a great time.
 This is the winter retreat shirt that the youth group wore. My oldest son designed it and got to go for free. That is good because the refund paid for his weekend at T3 with the youth group.
 Here is the crew, minus Liz, at morning devo in their t-shirts. Liz was at the laptop installing her math cd.
The rest of the week holds bible classes, Valentines Day, T3, and a sleepover birthday party at a friend's house. And, as a family we watch old episodes of LOST at night. Well, we ran through all of Falling Skies and went through Sherlock more than twice. But hey, Sherlock is the best.

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