Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photos--some of fashion--prepare thyself.

 Some people like to buy fabric, some like books, some like cars, some like models, some like games...i like clothes. We all have our "thing". This is mine. I have loved clothes since I was little...I used to have several spirals filled with outfits I had designed. Think polyvore on paper. I noticed a lot of bloggers take photos of outfits they like so I think I will and then. Some of my outfits you will NEVER see, for good reasons. I dress based on time and mood. If I feel sick, I look it, If I feel athletic, I look it...etc. So, above is something I wore a couple of weeks ago. Skinny jeans from old navy($24), a top from WalMart ($12), a necklace from clearance at Kohl's ($6) and half price boots from Famous Footwear ($20). I like that outfit and it makes me feel good. Comfy too. Bad lighting....sorry.
 These are my girls at the end of January heading to church. I think they are all wearing handed down, Goodwill, or clearance rack stuff. Except the jean jacket from WalMart.
 Kim plays with my camera often. But she's just so stinkin' cute! I had to keep this one! Love the moustache!
 The two oldest (14 and 13). So tall! Seems like only 3 years ago they were little kids! Oh yeah, they were.*sniff*
 My handsome boys. Amazing how tall Jacob is! But Jordan has consistently been taller at the same ages, so one day he may very well tower over his older bro who is already pushing 6'1".
 Shopping outfit. Top from clearance rack at Bealls ($10), capris from clearance rack at Belk ($15), and Payless clearance flats for $7.
 A Sunday morning set. Long jean skirt from online order, black clearance wedges from Bealls, handed down sweater, clearance Old Navy t-shirt you can't see($5) and a clearance scarf from JCP ($8). Honestly, the sweater was 3 sizes too big and I got rid of it. Oh, and  $2 belt from Old Navy.
 Ahhh, the toothless girl! Had to get a shot of her. I miss those little teeth!
 And finally, I apologize if this offends you, but jeans can look good and do not have to be "mom jeans" or ultra low rise. Buckle, my fashion friends, is my fave place. These are MissMe from the clearance rack...and I said I wouldn't even pay the clearance price so the guy that helped me took another 20% off. Still high, but I have to tell you, these feel exactly like my yoga pants. No lie. I could wear them DAILY. And this is coming from me, a girl who has not liked herself in jeans for at least 6 years, and who only bought some in the past year because I couldn't find flattering comfy fit that looked good. Curvy cut, long legs, mid rise, soft, I gave in on the price. They will never see the inside of my dryer.
 THE JEANS paired with a Target button down from years ago on clearance($8), an Old Navy tank from clearance ($3) and my Payless $7 flats which I am not wearing in this picture.

 Breakfast! Apparently it is worth waiting 2 hours for breakfast if mom makes Krispy Kreme knockoffs...that get inhaled in 5 minutes. I know I made at least 60 donuts that day, and not one was left...NOT ONE.
And, big sis helping little sis learn to tell time to the half hour. By request. Love it!

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