Monday, February 11, 2013

Allergies...Gotta Love Them

Even though it is still winter, the winters here tend to be mild. It has been in the upper 60's and low 70's most of the time for daytime highs, and that means trees and grasses will start to bud and sprout, releasing some great pollen and mold. Good for the earth, bad for some of us humans.

My husband has a severe allergy to cedar pollen. He has taken shots for three years or more, but finally quit. The clinic isn't open late enough and is too crowded for him to get there at regular intervals with his work schedule. He started the same vial over 3 times and still never finished it. Now he just takes otc allergy meds, benadryl, and local honey. Some days it is still really bad.

My oldest son has issues with johnsons grass and mesquite. But me? Now, i have allergies, as do the rest of my kids as evidenced by the itchy eyes and drainage that comes and goes, but I get the great luck of reacting on the skin. Rashes. And this weekend mine showed up right on my face, right down the middle. It is not terribly noticeable unless you get really close and know what my face normally looks like, but it is reddish, mildly itchy, and looks like my pores are inside out. I have been in a fog all weekend from benadryl, and tried cortisone, but it seems to do better if I dry it out. I'd love a sunny day to get some sun, which tends to help. But that is not to be this week. It is getting better, but the warmth and random mild itch are a bit annoying. Oh well. This too shall pass. It really isn't a big deal, just annoying.

Unfortunately it will only get worse for my husband. He will feel awful for quite a while. Poor guy. And once the grass and mesquite bloom, Jacob will look terrible for a bit.

And so begins our journey into the allergy season! Yea. On the upside, I am very thankful for the advancements in modern medicine that help us!

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