Monday, February 4, 2013

Household Changes

This weekend we had to go to Allen for certain reasons I will not disclose, and as a result, we did some shopping. I needed some jeans. Well, probably not really needed, but I definitely wanted some jeans. I actually own 2 pair of skinny jeans, but I wanted some regular straight leg jeans...that fit well, feel good, and make me look good. Not MOM JEANS. Gross. Oh so gross. So I thought back to my pinterest board where I post outfits I like and recalled that almost every polyvore outfit (shows where to get the items) shows jeans from Buckle. I also recalled a friend telling me that Buckle is a great place to get jeans. So off we went.

Buckle is costly, but their customer service is most excellent, as are their selection and fit. I could not have been more pleased at the help i got, or with the 2 pair of jeans i found. I will definitely be recommending them, and shopping there in the future. Also, they have a punch card for purchases and do special orders. I love that store! Just be sure to save up before you go.

Then we went to Best Buy because Jacob wanted to look around. It was the day before the Supoer Bowl and we realized all televisions were on sale. Hmmm, we had decided to drop cable in favor of Netflix and knew we'd need a wifi tv, so we began looking and comparing, and ended up purchasing a new wifi smart tv. It is amazing! We stream amazon and fb and netflix and youtube now, right off the screen. And aside from the sale price of the tv, which was a really good price for plasma, we are saving $$ on our viewing each month while getting a better package! Win win!

And after co-op registration on friday I had to purchase a dissection kit for our biology program because Jacob and others are taking that at co-op---just to cover the dissections. That is great! It will give the kids extra science, and make summer schooling shorter. Another win win!

And today, is Monday. We are cleaning. That didn't happen over the weekend with all our activity. And so we begin another week of learning and cleaning and growing together, trying our best to serve our Lord and love one another. Change is hard, good, and necessary. Life is all about change.

Blessings to you and yours!

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