Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homeschool posting...

Over the years I have posted  what a typical day might look like for us. Honestly it changes year by year as the kids grow up. Sometimes it changes semester by semester. So today I think I will post a "picture" of our current days.

First off, we are kind of late nighters. We stay up til at least 10 watching tv and playing together, sometimes even until midnight. And yes, i am talking about school nights. Bedtimes for kids older than 5 are not our strong point. never have been. Also, we are not terrible rigid. We have a daily schedule to guide us and curriculum to guide us, be we are not slaves to either. And i do not dress like the "homeschool mom" you might see represented in magazines. We do not all wear jumpers or matching dresses. None of us even own jumpers. In America a jumper is a loose dress that you wear a shirt under, not a sweater (known in the UK as a jumper). Clarification.

So this morning I awoke when the sun was up and the birds were chirping. It was light and I heard Clay eating cereal in the kitchen. Once he headed to the shower, I got up, made coffee, and emptied the dishwasher in my momma uniform of yoga pants (more often, running spandex pants-capri length) and a lavender glittered sweatshirt (usually a t-shirt). Barefoot. Then i made coffee cups for everyone, and woke the kids that were still asleep, and started cutting fruit and scrambling eggs for breakfast. It was about 8:20am by then. The dogs had been let out and kids were watching cartoons and drinking coffee. I let the kids know that breakfast was ready and they had until 9am to eat, brush teeth, make beds and straighten rooms and be in the kitchen for devo time. We had morning announcements at 9am in the kitchen, sang, read the bible, discussed application in our lives, drilled on Matthew for our LTC competition ( and prayed. Then each kid went to do their schoolwork. The 9th grader went to his laptop and began teaching Textbooks algebra, Apologia biology, Rosetta Stone spanish, and other stuff assigned by Sonlight Core 100 curriculum. The 7th grader went upstairs to work on Life of Fred math, apologia general science, Sonlight history, LLATL language arts, and bible. The 5th, and 3rd graders went to their laptops to work on teaching textbooks math and then do their Sonlight reading before doing Spelling Workout, LLATL and Writing. The 1st grader did LLATL reading with me, then spelling workout with me, then handwriting and Saxon math. As they worked and took breaks as needed, they danced and played and I ran laundry, scheduled a fridge repair, gave the dogs, water, and made lunch of soup and grilled cheese. They are all on lunch break at this time and I am blogging--obviously. In about 20 minutes we will do chores (mid-day cleaning) and the PE time. Hopefully the fridge guy will be her so i can stop living out of coolers! I am going to drain the water from the coolers, shortly, in anticipation!
This afternoon we will complete schoolwork, watch Liberty's Kids dvd's for history, work on LTC art and maybe have some read aloud time or book studies before the older girls get ready for dance classes. I have 3 kids taking dance right now as our outside activity. One will take up dance in the fall after taking this semester off, and we are full with church activities year round, and homeschool fun stuff.
I have NO IDEA what I am making for supper at this time. It will probably be simple and ready before Clay arrives home. While girls are at dance I will get some much needed grocery shopping done. Then I will take the oldest to bible study. When everyone is home around 9pm, we are going to indulge in the final episode of  season 2 of Falling Skies on Amazon Prime. But then we have to get to bed. Friday morning is homeschool co-op registration, and being the director, I must be there early to set up. Afterward we will make our monthly drive to Sam's Club for groceries for a family of 7. The shelves, and freezer, are quite bare.

And then there comes the weekend. At this time we are planning to drop cable, get an antennae for the attic, and subscribe to Netflix. If we get all the pertinent info via mail,  I will also file our tax return. And then we will spend Sunday holding LTC practices. I couldn't care less about the Superbowl, but I know it will likely be on at our house. I will be sewing, I think. I have a great chevron knit dress to make. I also am researching a switch in science curriculum from Apologia to BJU for the 7th grader..... That will ultimately require a trip to Mardel for perusing the choices, and conveniently, also a trip to Buckle, Maurices, and Express to do some jeans shopping for me.

Oh, have no worries. I do plan to get dressed in real clothing before I leave the house this afternoon. I already have a bit of makeup on! But I see no point in dressing for the outside world until I am finished working out and showering. That should happen around 4:30pm...most likely.

So there you have it! This is a day in the life with our 5 homeschooled kids. Well, at least, that is what it is like this spring.....

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