Monday, January 21, 2013

January Madness

Just a quick post about all that has been going on.
  1. LTC practices began and I got the 3rd-6th script ready. Unfortunately it is over the 8 minute time limit.
  2. All kids are well!
  3. Emily is about to turn 13!!! Sleepover planned.
  4. Jacob and Emily have been hangong out with lots of church friends.
  5. I began looking at school costs for 2013-2014
  6. I finally filed last spring and last fall's school and art work.
  7. Got a haircut!
  8. Researched and bought new makeup. Working on my style.
  9. Got back to working out and involving the kids.
And so far, that is it. Wish i could say more but time escapes me and I must go work on school with the kids, start washing piles of laundry and get the french bread out of the oven. We'll chat soon!

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