Friday, January 11, 2013

Rough Start

Didn't know exactly how the year was going to begin, but I thought it would go pretty well. Yeah. So anyway, New Years Day was fine and then we went shopping on the 2nd, and then the 9th grader got sick with fever, headache and congestion/cough. Unfortunately he and his sister (7th grader) were about to leave for a weekend youth group retreat. Luckily the fever broke and they went together on the 4th. By then the 10 yr old was sick with the same stuff, and by the 5th, the 8 year old had also fallen victim. That very evening, I got a call from the retreat thtat the girl had gotten sick and was being brought home. She arrived at midnight. By early Sunday morning the 6 year old was ill and by bedtime on the 6th, so was I. What a fun way to start the year! But at least it was short lived and ewe were all well by Wednesday, January9th. School has gone fairly well considering we just stuck to the basics. And that is good because we started back the dance classes this week and LTC practices begin on sunday and bible studies and all manner of life activities!
So that is how our new year began. Kind of rough, but we made it. So...onward!

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