Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holidays 2012 in Pictures

 Thanksgiving 2012 at my cousin's house. Had a big crowd and lots of food. Somehow I didn't get any photos of dinner the next day at the Scoggins' house. That happened in reverse a few years ago.

 Thanksgiving evening a big thunderstorm rolled in and the sky was AMAZING!!!!
 The following weekend I took my oldest, and his friends, to work on filming Sandblade, and ended up playing around with my camera. That's me, by the way. Hi!
 And here they are playing around downtown after filming.....Looks like an album cover. My kid is the tallest one!
 And here they are in a somewhat awkward grouping checking out footage. Teens.
 The kids helped mix, bake and decorate Christmas cookies for Santa. Decorating is more fun than eating.Can you see the reindeer cookie with the broken front leg that has red "bloody" icing??? Gotta love it.
 Christmas Eve at the Scoggins' and Emily is helping Michele make brunch.
 Jacob, cousin Ben, and Jordan waiting to open gifts.
 This is at the Anderson's...Jordan with his two great-grandmas.
 All the kids waiting to open at the Anderson Christmas.
 All grandkids with one great-grandma.
 All grandkids with the other great grandma.
 All of us adults in the aprons one of the great grandmas made for us.
 Kim is all tired after Santa came. She and Rocket are resting.
 Out of order!!!!! Kim getting a gift at the Scoggins'.
 Emily and Elizabeth waiting to open gifts.
And the finale of Christmas....SNOW! It's practically a Christmas miracle for Texas. Nice. (Personally I prefer the warmer winter days, but a little snow to play in now and then is fun.)

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