Monday, January 21, 2013

Photo Time!!!!! Yea!

Hello. it's me. Here are some pictures of our latest adventures. Below you see my eldest after having a snow fight with his brother.
 It was a very hard fought snow war, to be sure!
 Meanwhile, Kimberly and Elizabeth built snowmen. Oh, in the neighbor's yard...not ours.
 The brothers helped. Emily is not in these shots because she is not a fan of cold.

 Here is Jordan showing off his camo knife. He is a knife collector, and this is a recent acquisition.
Here the girls are resting with the dogs.
And Emily is hanging out with one of her really close friends, Elizabeth.
This is an outfit I put together with a scarf I made.

 And these are my january motivation shots. I have been working out for 2 months.Wonder if I will look any different in May, or October, or next January. We'll see
And finally this is Jacob and his friend Dakota at ECD new year's eve. i wanted more photos but time escaped me and it was late and foggy.

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