Monday, December 10, 2012

December 2012

Life is busy around here. We are in the last 10 days of our homeschooling for the semester. We are 50% finished with the filming of Sandblade. We are about 20% finished with the holiday shopping--YIKES! And we are 100% excited about attending the midnight premiere of The Hobbit this week!!!!!
I got a bit more tech savvy this week...I think. I joined twitter. Not sure I like it yet, but we shall see. I am NOT going to connect it to my phone though...not yet anyway.
Kids dramatically reduced dance classes since we weren't doing a production this month, so we are absorbed in outreach and get togethers instead. I LIKE! Plus, we are just living a bit more simply. That is always a good thing.
My oldest daughter was baptized a few weeks ago and that was very exciting for all of us! I love that all the siblings get as excited as I do and jump around acting like they just won a million dollars! It's great being us! I love bing so "in touch" with my inner hyper child. I am definitely going to be the oddball crazy lady one of these days when i am old...(you kids had better not put me in a nursing home!)
So that is all I have on this status update...maybe I'll show you some photos I took of myself yesterday while the Quadrixie crew was fimling (nothing like playing around with the camera--after all, i was wearing some makeup--had to occupy my time somehow)....but for now you'll just have to wait on those. It's lunchtime and the kids want food.
Have a very blessed day/week/month!


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