Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 4: Our Spring Schedule

Homeschooling five kids is an ever changing entity.  Each semester somehow looks slightly different. This one is no exception.

So here is what it looks like this spring:
Instead of four kids taking dance at Timbrel School of the Arts, I just have one. She is taking ballet. The youngest dropped ballet for this semester. The oldest girl dropped tap, and the oldest boy dropped theater. Why? Because the oldest two auditioned and are now in Hello Dolly's summer production. That entails six hours of practice each week--minimum. The youngest just wanted a break. The oldest is working about once a week on a construction project in a nearby town, and the second oldest is cleaning a house twice a month for her job. Oldest is still seeking employment but scheduling is difficult. All five kids are invovled in our annual LTC competition ( That means every Sunday is filled with four hours of practice. Everyone will be involved in the homeschool co-op too.
So the week, in a nutshell, goes something like this:
Monday through Thursday we try to accomplish as much schooling as possible before afternoon activities. Math, language arts, reading, bible, science, history, art....And then we have the activities.

Monday--ballet at 5:15
Tuesday-Dolly rehearsal from 1-4, sometimes house cleaning job twice a month on this day
Wednesday: Dolly rehearsal from 1-4, bible classes, once a month youth activity
Thursday: sometimes house cleaning job on this alternate day, high school bible study at 7:30
Friday: co-op until noon, then finish any leftover school
Saturday: whatever
Sunday: worship, practice from 2-6 (only until Easter), worship, devo

All in all, not too bad. With five kids, I expect we will have activity. Kids are enjoying good times with good friends. we have a family we hang out with and watch Blacklist and just visit. Kids regularly invite people over, sometimes they do English Country Dance. We hang out with Austin, Daniel, Kendall and her whole family, Jadon, Sarah, Elizabeth, Holly, Amelia, SarahF, Dylan, Xander, Ashley, Alyssa, Blake, neighbors...among many others. I see the hand of God in many ways guiding our directions.

I have to admit, it is a very fun time. Good bonds are being formed.
Hope your semester is blessed!

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