Thursday, February 19, 2015

Yep, I Got Behind---Catching Up???

It was really inevitable. I KNEW I would not blog every week. I knew it. But I gave it a shot. I have been trying to exercise, clean house, follow THM eating as much as I can, get ready for co-op, get kids to rehearsals and activities, teach bible class and LTC drama group, and school the kids. Plate of life is full. Blogging is in last place.....

So I decided to do a monthly overview since apparently I haven't blogged since week four, which was last month! Here goes...short and sweet (maybe?).

Week 5:  That was the first week of February. I was very busy getting ready for our co-op planning and registration day and that was not too bad. Most things got sorted and taken care of. The aftermath of the planning day is exhausting though. Anyway, my kids ended up with great classes like biology dissection, law and order, drama, German, cupcake decorating, Discover Great Artists, Top Secret Adventures, Loom knitting for Raffa, Food Art, Art of War, Farmer Boy cooking and Texas History. I am teaching Advanced Sewing and directing the co-op. It is going to be a fun semester.

Week 6: This week was CRAZY. Karen and Tara and I sorted classes and adjusted schedules and worked through problems. It took HOURS. We were very tired. The week was a blur. Enough said. That Friday we had orientation and made name tags, filled teaching baskets, and assigned classrooms. It went very well and I am excited to work with the group of moms and dads. They are outstanding! Oldest two went to T3 ( over the weekend. It is always a great spiritual growth weekend. LTC practices are every Sunday leading up to Easter weekend competition. That all seems to be going well, too (

Week 7: This is now. Tomorrow we start our co-op classes and I have been ordering supplies and packing the van. It is DH last week to work in Minnesota. Tomorrow I am taking oldest girl to English Country Dance to see Jadon. He's a really great kid. Holly and her mom are going with us. My other two girls are having a THM cooking sleepover with a wonderful trustworthy friend. The boys have the night with their dad. Oldest girl bought a cell phone since she works now. Oldest boy is still looking for a regular job. Drama teacher is on our prayer list. Cedar pollen is a terrible evil and is causing major issues for our family. School has been going well.

So that is about it. Today, school will be short and shopping will be long. My two youngest girls have grown multiple inches and need leggings, skirts, tank tops, and dresses. One needs shoes. All of the kids are two sizes behind in undergarments, and the socks my oldest kid wears really shouldn't be referred to as socks. They don't cover much of his feet due to the numerous gigantic holes. Oldest boy needs one more pair of jeans. We need to accomplish much, get home to eat supper, pack for co-op and get teens to high school bible study before the day is over.

On that note I will say my goodbyes. Maybe I'll blog next week, but don't hold your breath. You are more likely to turn blue and pass out.

May the Lord direct your steps as you plan your way through life!

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