Monday, August 3, 2009

Kimberly's birthday

Well, our youngest turns 3 today! So sad, and yet wonderful! She is a blessing in many ways! She had a party at home with family on Saturday and her siblings decorated her cake. Very cute!
She had a hot dog cookout and got to play with cousins. her presents were clothes, a webkinz jr, a musical instrument set and some art materials. She also got cash which she used today to go of her fave things to do!

But her totally favorite thing was getting to have a pinata! She loved this one so much that the rainbow side is hanging on her wall!

She was so excited for all the candy! So easy to please!

And she sat smiling while we all sang to her. She seemed a bit embarrassed, to be honest....

The next day she posed with Emily and Jordan in one of her new outfits before going to church.

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