Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Photos

Emily waiting for coffee this morning!
Jordan and Kimberly hanging out with Sandy.

Jacob and Emily after Jacob and i rode the Aquaman ride at Six Flags.

Jacob and me on the aquaman Splashdown ride. We were soaked!

Emily, Jordan and Elizabeth playing in the backyard sprinklers.

Jordan showing his teeth!

Jacob learning on the computer, I mean playing....

Emily with a phone nearby--no doubt to call Hope!

Kimberly's new favorite hairstyle!

Elizabeth's big toothless grin! Isn't she adorable!

Elizabeth playing the Studio Go! Game Show at VBS! Go Lizzie!
That is all i have for now. I really need to take more pictures. i realize that in this digital age, we no longer take video or print pictures here. So I need to get an external hard drive for photo storage and must start getting the old 8mm on dvd so we can preserve the memories! I so love blogging as a photo album! It is so easy!

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