Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting Behind on Blogging

Well, I really do have some cute pictures to post, but I am on the wrong computer to do that. We have been incredibly busy, but in a good way. Life has been all about family and friends and the Lord. We took the kids to all kinds of activities in late August and then began the homeschool year on the 24th. Then we held our live registration for Friday co-op. that was so blessed! It was fabulous! We are going to have a great semester! Now we are falling into a good routine and even getting the kids involved in some activities again. I am so glad to be done with board meetings and monthly meetings. What a stress relief! But we are loving the new board of our co-op and already have field trips planned and book orders set up. Stacy did a fantastic job on our website, too! Also been visiting nursing homes and getting more involved in the bible classes.
Most of all we are just enjoying the homeschooling lifestyle and trying to get used to the idea that our oldest is now eligible for youth group activities! Yikes! My baby is growing up, but he is such a great boy! I am so proud of the person he is becoming! (we will still be very supervisory parents) But really, I can wait on the rest of them growing up. For the first time in 11 years we are not buying or washing diapers! Feels strange not to have a baby anymore. It is a new season of life I guess. But it feels very blessed!

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