Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Learning Fun

Field trip to see the Herald Banner newspaper. this is the printing press running papers.
Here are the girls posing at the paper.

Emily was entering the next days comics.

Now Jacob is entering the next days comics.

Our KONOS unit on kings and queens involved making crowns......

and constructing a castle...........................

which began as a pile of boxes and toilet paper tubes........

and some role playing with paper castles, knights and horses!

But it all began with library book research!
And tomorrow it will culminate in a medieval feast. We made decorations and satin robes and got some "armor" too. Our swords will strongly resemble lightsabers, and the food will be eaten without utensils. We will have roasted meat, crusty bread, wassail, mini cakes and roasted potatoes. I will get some photos of that up this weekend!

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