Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loving Homeschool

This has been a year of change for us. Oldest starting youth group stuff, youngest out of diapers. More freedom in teaching, more kids involved and active. A ton of fun. We have two in a musical theater class, and one about to start gymnastics, again. We start the day with breakfast and devotional time, followed by math, preschool and kindergarten, spelling/writing, PE, language arts, lunch, chores, bible time, storytime, KONOS unit studies, and then electives. KONOS has made life so much easier teaching all the kids at once on the same topic using many disciplines. Plus it is a fun way to learn. I don't know if Jacob will get to continue it with us when he hits high school, but we will see. He may have to go independent for credit purposes, but that will be fine, too! Maybe we can integrate it all.

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