Thursday, January 26, 2012


So apples are good in more ways than one! We saw Apple Orthodontics today and LOVED them. In a few months we will be investing in Emily's beautiful smile, there. I highly recommend them.

Also, the apples of my cheeks just glow when I have purchased gorgeous fabric to make the eldest daughter some spring dresses. (Have you seen the mess they sell in the stores for junior sizes??? Seriously? Who dresses their daughter like a tramp? Apparently lots of folks.) So now that the rant is over, the sewing shall commence.

And Azure Standard and Bountiful Baskets sell the BEST apples ever! BB also had awesome brussel sprouts which I never liked until I got their fresh ones---cook them with onion and smoked sausages and enjoy tremendously!

Ok, that is all i have to say because I have a daughter having a 12th birthday and a friend coming over to buy an old sewing machine, so have a blessed evening! Longer post with photos coming real soon.......

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