Sunday, January 15, 2012

Warm in January

My son, the artist, drew this for a script he is working on. This is the character he wants his friend Dakota to play. She likes medieval stuff so he is working on that for her. We just need a sword....
the window before...and Jacob being inspired by Hans Zimmer (one of his favorites).
Building skeletons for science time.
Emily's favorite hat--an owl! She loves it!
Clay applying the window covering.
Lowe's castle project. Jordan.
Fun with leaves...JUMP!

Life marches on around here. We are all SO glad to be back in dance classes and out of karate. Why do homeschool classes always seem to happen during the school day? Do people think we don't school? Do they know homeschoolers have work to do as well? Oh well, I am glad to have a less busy Tuesday and a happier boy. (karate was from 2-4 on Tuesdays)
The past week was about normal. We got our semester going with a study of Genesis for LTC, began working on writing skills by journalling, got back into piano lessons, enjoyed having the playroom downstairs, downsized the curriculum piles, did some sewing and planning for sewing, cut back our computer time (but the teenager still has some work to do on that one), and spent more time as a family. We also covered the big window with a new film that looks like stained glass and ordered some new wood laminate flooring. 12 mm this time, no more cheap junk!
I think I may finally be coming to grips with the kids growing up. After all, the oldest only has 4 more years to go....he is so wonderful, too. Prayers for all the kids said daily, for their future spouses and for the people raising those future spouses. For their purity and for God's direction in their daily lives. Nothing can prepare them better for the future than doing what the Lord sets before them today, and doing it well. Today's challenges prepare you for the unknowns in your future, so focus on today instead of always wishing tomorrow would come. And if the past couple of weeks has taught us anything, I think the biggest lesson is that God cares about our lives, down to the smallest details and He is faithful to hear our prayers and answer them. We have been seeing evidence daily of a powerful God working on our behalf, because He loves us and we love Him.
So, I am going to share some life pictures and enjoy the rest of my Sunday!

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