Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Life update

So it has been quite a year! A dear friends' son has been in ICU at Children's since New Years Eve and remains there for probably 2 weeks at least. He is 16 and had several medical issues since birth, but had a cardiac arrest and was not getting oxygen for about 8 minutes so they are waiting to see how this will all play out. He is covered in prayer and love, and I know God is good and will do all things for this boy. He is a wonderful christian, future church leader.
School has also started here, with earlier mornings than we have ever kept, and a little less outside activity, which is wonderful! Weather is beautiful, friends are everywhere, kids are growing and changing. Life is good.
Here at home changes are coming. The girls are moving to the upstairs bonus room this weekend and the playroom/workout room is going downstairs. Got to do that now since DH is going to Texas Back institute this week and we want all the damage done before he begins treatment of some kind. He has been in almost constant pain for years. So far, nothing has worked for him. It is time for relief. We are also in the process of searching out an ortho for Emily. I am not into the ortho standard of perfection but she does need some work done, but I want it to be reasonable. Both in procedure and price point.
So, that is where we are this week. WIll post more next week.

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