Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mid-January and All is Well

This is my morning ritual--drink coffee and walk the dogs. Actually, they walk me.
Hanging out with Nick and the boys
Above and below the girls are all having fun.
This is Kim's dress I made form some cheap eyelet.
And this is my produce co-op share for this week....only $15!

You know, i read several blog things this week about making money with your blog. That sounds really nice in some ways but the truth is, this is like a personal journal for me and my family and friends. I really don't want it to be out there in that least not at this time. And truthfully, I don't want to invest the time and effort. Lazy? No. Just busy with the important stuff of life right now. I really want to focus on my husband and kids and their activities and needs. There will come a time when other things will catch my fancy.
So, what has been going on, you ask? Wellllllll....this week we learned about the human body, got out the microscope to study slides, learned more about Genesis, worked on writing skills in journals, helped those learning about homeschooling, went to the park, watched some good movies with freinds and family, Jacob finished his first movie .... The Red Bat, and so on...
Red Bat is about 30 minutes long and we gave the first copy to Dakota. She is going to be in a new film with him this summer with a medieval feel to it. He is writing it now. We are going to make other copies for family members to have...gotta get some DVD's. You want one so someday you can say you knew him back when...He is brilliant! (yes, i am bragging a bit--)
This week we made some great homemade bread, and joined a produce co-op. That was great!
Today Emily has a girls get together at a friends house, and we had unexpected friends this morning which was FUN. The girls are into the new girly lego sets called Friends. Emily bought one today. Speaking of Emily, she had a 12th birthday coming up in 4 days. She is having a sleepover with pizza and ice cream and strawberry belgian waffles.
We are gearing up for February which will hold some more fun things to do. Tomorrow is our first day of LTC practice. you can find out all about that at It makes for a busy but fun filled Easter weekend.
Jordan has been busy building lego, and shooting his BB gun this week. He also rode his new scooter all the way to the fire station and back. He is reading well and playing a lot.
Lizzy has been dancing and practicing ballet in hopes of joining ballet in the fall if they have space. She also got her first American girl doll from her friend Faith. it was a handed down doll but in great shape and Lizzy is THRILLED. She has been reading Little Women, too.
Kimberly has been doing kindergarten things and dancing all day. She got her new ballet shoes this week and LOVES them. I truly think she wants to dance or teach ballet some day. She also wrote a sweet note to a neighbor who shared a storybook with her.

So... the coming week will be fun. We will learn at home, and do some outreach, and dance, and get our Azure Standard order, and buy dress fabric, and get an ortho consult, and visit Bass Pro for some fun, and end with a birthday party.

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