Monday, January 23, 2012

Reporting Live from Scoggins Academy

Good morning. Today we have several things to report.
First story of the day: Children get fascinated while looking at bodily fluids on a microscope slide. yes. it is true. Snot and plaque and blood are fascinating. And you heard it here first.
In other news, the filming of The Red Bat ceased about a week ago and there has been burning of dvd's today for distribution. get yours before they run out!
Today's weather is bright and sunny with a few clouds and no precipitation expected. But hold onto your hats, folks...rain, and I mean a good soaking rain, is in the forecast in about 24 hours! Yes! You heard right! Rain...and a good bit of it!
In our food segment, the children were not terribly excited to see the leftover smoked sausage served with baked beans for lunch. However they did enjoy the oranges and pomegranate. Amazing, since they had just viewed snot and plaque.
The midday news brings us many answered prayers for our friends Will, Scott, and Dan.
In our birthday segment this week, we are happy to report the 12th birthday of the oldest girl. A movie night is planned with pizza and ice cream later in the week.
In financial news, the search is still on for an affordable and reasonable orthodontist. And the bank has received sufficient funds to cover the upcoming replacement of laminate wood flooring. In business news, the provider received a very high rating on performance review and will be travelling more. He also received praise for being one of the most ethical people to work with. Kudos!
There is really nothing to report in travel news, though a couple of trips are being planned to a wildlife museum and an ice skating rink for the upcoming month.
In education news, the students are performing well, and plans are being made for the next fiscal school year. One will be an 8th grade graduate in the next several months, too. Unbelievable!
There will be some outreach later today at the jscoc facility and we have word that a performance of Step in Time will be occurring at a local dance studio later this evening. Also, barring any complications the Life Flight demonstration will commence shortly.
That is all we have for today's midday news. Make it a great day!

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