Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life in pictures last week.....

We LOVE to go bike riding.
We also love to stay up late on holidays playing loud games on wood floors with golf balls!
Or cool board games like Clue! or battleship, or stratego, or scrabble, or monopoly jr, or life, or payday, or ....welllll, i'm sure you get the idea.
Cousin Gracie had a horse riding party so the four youngest went. Jordan got help from grandpa.
Kim pets her horse.
Jordan and Emily wait to ride.
Gracie and Kim hanging out.
Lizzie and Jordan riding in the arena. It was terribly dusty and I had a 2 day headache from that.
This is the Red Bat...aka Jacob.
Clay and Emily on piano.
Youngest three working on an Old Testament feltbook.
And the large living room window shade fell down so we tested some decorative film samples. Going to get the one on the far left.

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