Sunday, January 8, 2012

Room Changes

Above, you see the girls downstairs bedroom that has been converted...stay tuned...I'll explain in a minute...just keep reading!
This week began with a holiday-New Years. We did the traditional staying at home thing. We also spent Monday visiting friends whose son is in ICU. But as of tonight he is making slow progress and that is good. School began early on Tuesday...before 9am. And that is new for us. But it went fairly well except for the youngest ones fighting (tiredness, I'm sure). The girls also decided they wanted to move their room upstairs. Not sure what brought that on, though. But the planning began and by friday we were hauling furniture up and down the stairs. The girls room became a playroom/workout room and the upstairs became the girls new room. We have now ordered bed frames from IKEA for them, too. And we sent Jacob off to another fun filled JanKay retreat weekend. Sunday night has arrived and all the chicks are home and doing well. School will begin again tomorrow and we are ready. It was great to get back into dance classes and even got to meet with the co-op team at the park Saturday. We just got spoiled to really warm weather this past week, so cold weather might send us into shock.
Here is the girls new bathroom....No shower, but girls kinda need a place to do...girl stuff, ya know.
here is a view of the door, dormer, and closet.
And here is the sleeping area and dressers.
And this is the work area wired for internet, but complete with a sewing machine, crochet supplies, and scrapbooking box. I like the half wall separator.

In other news, we have decided to jump in and buy new wood laminate for the living areas. It is on sale with an install price we like, so we have chosen a high quality floor to replace the very thin, cheap mess we put in 5 years ago. This current flooring moves, has too much slide space and regularly has floor gaps of 2 inches all over the place where you can see the underlayment! We constantly kick it back in place to close the gaps, sometimes injuring feet. So anyway, that is all I have to report. This week I will add some photos of the kids. Forgot to take the camera to Home Depot workshop on Saturday though.
Hope your week is blessed...don't forget to pray!

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