Saturday, February 11, 2012

Major Renovations...

tearing out the old flooring
new flooring installed--very high quality
math time
dresses for the girls--resale shopped for a formal tea and movie premiere

I have been needing to update so this is a two week post. I would have updated at the end of last week but we were offline for several days removing old flooring to prepare for an install of new flooring thru most of the downstairs area this week. We also had to pick up some food orders, get some fabric, plan a birthday party, get to dance classes, and other little things...oh, and we held our co-op registration event.

So, I have photos to share, and want to say that co-op is going to be great! We are heaviy on older kids and got some cool classes planned. We also have the kids doing some great dances for recital this spring. Jacob's Irish number is really neat. Emily's ballet is from peter and the wolf, and her contemporary is the song "in your eyes". Lizzy is doing a hip hop number to Boomin' by tobymac and her theater group is performing to a song from Aladdin. Jacob's theater group is performing to "step in time" from Mary Poppins...a very high energy number. Not sure about Kimberly's ballet yet.

Kids have been playing piano a lot lately and we have been planning out next years academics and supplies to purchase. High school planning is serious business and not cheap, if you want to prepare them for college. But most of it is reusable. Educating all five still costs less than getting braces, or installing flooring, or attending a month of private school. But what most people don't get is that as a homeschooler you not only buy all the curriculum, you pay for and plan all field trips, and all extracurricular activities. Nothing is government funded, though we still pay our school taxes, yet all we do comes straight out of our pockets. There are many ways to do it too. Some people like to take the time to make up curriculum themselves and save money utilizing free stuff. Some prefer to get curriculum for their own peace of mind and ease of use. Some do a combination.

This week school was limited to bible and math and dance and piano. Next week we will get back on the regular routine. No major illnesses to report, though Kim had some ear pain and redness a few days. All have had drainage, too. Still have a pile of sewing to work on, but finally got taxes ready to file.

My brain is tiring trying to recall all our activities so I am going to add some photos and call it a day. Boys will be here for sweet Jordan's party soon. And for that I am glad since he is so quiet and has few friends.

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