Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Week in the Lifestyle...

Well, I really want to post some photos, but that will have to wait because I am on one of the two new laptops and do not have access to the photos from here. Did I mention we have two new laptops? Yes. Loving that! With a 7th, 5th, 3rd, 1st and K graders in the house it was time to spend the $ and get them. We have science, spanish, and math on cd and all use it for learning and editing work, and I use it for co-op and keeping in touch with homeschool, friends, and family. The week started with 2 girls sick with strep. One was very sick. we had to see the dr for meds, but the other three did school. On Tuesday we did some school with those three who were well, but by afternoon we headed to pick up the second laptop from rockwall. i didn't really want to go but had to pick it up. then on wednesday we did some school, then went to play at the park with friends for about 2 hours, did some more school, then headed to church. that night i lost my cell phone. i still haven't found it. thursday we did more school and had ballet class. but i couldn't get phone messages since my phone was lost, so i had to work off emails. fridayschool went well on friday and we rested that afternoon before heading to theater class. we got take out for supper and went to bed early. Today we had hip-hop and got groceries. tonight we have a scout banquet, and tomorrow LTC and hosting a youth devo. so all in all a great week. I just wish it wasn't cold today so i could plant my garden! We got good financial news this week, which is great because gas is crazy expensive! AND lastly the check engine light came on in the new van, just as a recall notice was issued. SO off we go to the repair shop next week--the suburban needs a/c work, too. And i need to get a new phone.
So that was our week.
Kids are practicing yoga today and I got a needed haircut. About to grill some burgers for lunch and enjoy the family!

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