Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Well, it's one of those dreaded lists of things you may not know about if you dare!

1. I am afraid of the dark...still.
2. I love veggies.
3. My passion is homeschooling my kids.
4. I feel incomplete without spending time with the Lord each day.
5. I always wanted a big family
6. I do not wish to ever join the workforce.
7. I love organization
8. I love to find a bargain.
9. I hate shopping in stores.
10. I love to cook.
11. I feel guilty over all the things I've done wrong. It keeps me up at night.
12. I think life rushes by too fast.
13. I am not a keeper of "stuff" but a declutterer.
14. I am not sentimental about much, except my kids.
15. My soul longs to be at the white sandy beach in Seagrove.
16. I do not like to watch the news--it is too disturbing.
17. My ipod has a strange mix of music, from movie scores to Motley crue to Vivaldi.
18. I cannot watch tv or movies with foul language, nudity, or homosexuality. It seriously bothers and offends me.
19. I am very very protective of my children, what they watch/hear/read, who they are with and their general safety.
20. I hate crowds and traffic--scary!
21. I don't care for the mountains or desert.
22. I would rather be safe than sorry.
23. I failed typing.
24. I cannot play piano though i took lessons ( I also once played flute, but can't anymore)
25. I can't read all!
26. I love to wear skirts and do not like jeans much at all (only 2 pair).
27. I hate tatoos, body piercing, and low pants that show underwear or worse, your rear end!
28. I don't like seeing women in bikinis, showing cleavage, or short shorts/miniskirts. Tacky.
29. Smoking is an unhealthy habit and affects all of us so stay away with the nasty smoke, please.
30. I am not a grudge memory just isn't that good. And it takes too much energy.
31. I can't openly lie...I just can't.
32. I do not like to be around people who are drinking alcohol, and I really don't like my kids around it.
33. I do not like to be around people who curse or slander people of other races.
34. I am a solid republican/conservative, and DO NOT like Obama in any way.
35. I am completely against socialistic practices.
36. I hate tent camping.....with a passion! Cabins are much better.
37. I hate staying in hotels because I am a light sleeper and hear everyone. Grrr!!
38. I do not sleep well, and haven't since I was about 8..I see things, hear things and have nightmares.
39. I don't like being out at night. People out at night seem creepier. DO your stuff in the light of day!
40. I do not look forward to my kids growing up and leaving home.
41. Nuclear weaponry and crazy dictators scare me.
42. More than anything else I want my kids to be solid, baptized, practicing Christians.
43. I love shoes...too much.
44. I don't want to live in the country or raise any animals.
45. I hate snakes, wasps, scorpions.
46. My kids think I am weird, i SAY I am a fun mom...they secretly agree!
47. I like eclectic styles...which can drive my husband nuts.
48. I miss having a baby in the house but I like the freedom it gives, too.
49. I have a latex allergy.
50. I can't play video games--really, i have very poor hand/eye coordination and can't do it.

Enough for now.


Laura said...

So, all of the people whose hobby is Astronomy are just crazy! :-)

I'll remember this next time Craig pulls his telescope out close to home (he's been travelling to OK)

LOL :-)

Just Me said...

not sure I follow that comment unless it is in reference to not wanting to live in the country or not liking camping or being afraid of the dark. Astronomy is great and those who love it are great (mostly...the big bang folks are not on base in my beliefs). These are just my personal quirks...though i do go out in the dark at times for stargazing and other things. We all have our preferences. But admittedly astronomy is not one of my big interests, like ya'lls. And that's ok. I know you all love it! And I hope you enjoy it for many years as a family.

Just Me said...

Oh, I get it! No you are not creepy because you like the dark. But many people out in the dark are creepy because of their reasons for being out. Astronomers aren't in that mix.