Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Week :)

Another week has passed us by and much had happened. We began the week with a trip to Rockwall for dental appointments, then some shopping, lunch at Cotton Patch Cafe and more shopping. No school that day, but there was a most colossal fit at the exit of Hobby Lobby. The youngest showed a side of herself I have NEVER seen, and I really wish the people in rockwall hadn't seen. Not sure what the trigger was, but boy was it a doosie! That mentally wore me out for the remainder of the day.
Tuesday we had auto work to do and Wednesday too so we did language arts one day and math the other day..with devos of course. Thursday we had a fairly normal school day and that was nice. Except for grocery shopping. Do you know how expensive produce and eggs are??? Dairy products?? It will cost a small fortune if you have to buy all the stuff to eat healthy and can't raise/grow it. But I can't complain. I would hate to have to raise and grow it because I am focused on teaching the kids and have no clue where the time would come we make enough $ to cover the groceries if we are careful and smart about it.
Friday was neat. A friend just pulled her kid from PS and sent her to co-op with us. And another lady from church brought her daughter. It was and is really a fun place with great people.
So here we are at the end of the week and oh, I forgot to mention we had a great visit with my mom and grandma this week, too. Ok, so back to life ( i swear i have mild ADD!). So this weekend we have extra dance classes and the time changes and no LTC ( i am so glad of that!) practice. DON'T get me wrong. We love LTC, but the class has been so difficult, even for me, so most of our studying has been at home, and being gone all afternoon every Sunday gets old, and I messed up the daily devo challenge for the kids by failing to recognize they needed to be keeping a prayer journal and now it is too late to start over. Oh well! Maybe next year.
And we do get to celebrate my mom's birthday on Sunday with CAKE! She is probably 29 again.
We haven't visited any grandparents since Christmas...and they live 20 miles away in the same town---see how busy life gets??? Crazy! Maybe we will stop by the in-laws and make it a two-fer!
So that was our week. We have had three weeks in a row of strange schedule so I am ready for next week to return to normal. I hope. Love the daily journey, though. Hope you all have a blessed week!

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