Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Weekend

This weekend was full of working as a family and visiting family.
On Saturday we all worked around the house. One side of our lot is high, one side is low. The fence gate is on the high side, but the ground under the gate is a low spot and always holds water. This rotted the gate wood, and distorted it. So finally, after living here 7 years, we took off the gate to repair it. That didn't work because the wood had gotten into very bad shape, so new wood was purchased and a new gate was constructed. Jacob and Clay worked all day to build and hang the gate. Now all that is needed is to bring a little dirt in and grade it to drain well, and lay flagstone and gravel. While the gate building was occurring, I took kids to dance class, shopped for some essential items for certain people, cleaned house, fed people, ran laundry, planned lessons, ordered photos and made sure kids helped clean the yard and watched the youngest kids. At the end of the day everyone was tired, and being daylight savings time, we all bathed and crashed!
On Sunday we had a great treat in that Larry Marshall came to preach. I love his style! And he preached on James--one of my favorite letters, and so practical! After church we headed home to eat leftovers and grill some burgers and fold Saturday's laundry. Then we headed to my parents house for a birthday celebration for my mom. After three hours of cake, ice cream, relatives, and atv rides, we headed to the other grandparents house. There we had 3 more hours of visiting, eating and playing. We got home at 9pm, tired and ready for bed. Notice that we didn't attend evening services. But I must tell you, we did not skip church. It just so happened that it was the Sunday of the month that my in-laws congregation does a morning worship, followed by a noon potluck, followed by a devotional (they call it meet/eat/meet)...then they call it a day. No evening services. It is a once a month treat of worship and fellowship that they whole congregation loves. I wish our congregation did that, too, even if it was every other month. it would be great!
So here we are, embarking on a full school week. Have a great one!

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