Friday, March 25, 2011

Interesting Week....

Monday we had a dental appointment with jordan getting his first fillings. He was brave, but frightened. I felt for him. So sweet, he is. I just adore that boy! He can be a stinker, but he has a good heart and is so full of love. So after the fillings we did a little shopping and had a picnic in the car and got groceries at Kroger before heading home. As we headed to our evangelism program at church (Jordan went to scouts with his dad) I began to feel funny. My chest was feeling tight and I was low on energy. By the time we arrived home I felt pretty bad and laid down. The enxt morning was HORRIBLE , but it easily could have been worse. I did a few minor things like make coffee and empty the dishwasher but then i had the kids make breakfast, clean it up, lead the devo and do their schoolwork. I laid in bed to teach the younger three, then had kids make lunch, clean it and finish schoolwork. I was in bad shape and Clay came home early to finish the teaching. He took the kids out to Whataburger for supper since i had boiled over a chicken and the fluid had shorted out the oven controls. I never was up for more than about 15 minutes at a time. Still sick on Wednesday, but not as bad, and by evening Jordan was sick. Unfortunately i had to teach bible class, so I did, barely. School was done, though. It was late Wednesday when Stacy called and we realized too many people were sick to have co-op classes so those got called off. On Thursday we took Jordan to the dr and he had strep. Then we had to get medicine. Got lots of schoolwork completed anyway. Thursday night I had to do some extra tax work for the IRS and i tried to work out, but my breathing was not great. I am over the illness, but still coughing. Clay took the kids to get goodies for helping him rebuild the fence. They had a great time this week having dad to themselves!
Now it is friday and we caught up on the science and history we missed during illness. We also have a tent in the living room and plan to run some errands this afternoon before theater lessons. If we end up with no plans this weekend it will be our only free weekend until after May 21. So i guess we should enjoy it and rest.
Most of our school supplies are in, the autos are all fixed. Vacation is paid for, and the oven is getting repaired Monday. Life is speeding by, so i am getting off this machine to hang with the kiddos. Ya'll have a great day in the Lord!

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