Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 14-18 Digest

Well! I was so glad to be back on a normal school schedule. We got everything on the assignment sheets accomplished except for spanish and art. Clay was in Cali this week so we had some odd sleeping arrangements for a few days, but that is fine with me. The kids learned a lot and Kimberly is breezing through ehr kindergarten curriculum. I think we will start first grade by June. Jordan will almost be finished with first grade by then. This week I also ordered our curriculum for next school year and the packages have begun arriving! That is always exciting! I can school all five kids with top notch materials for an average of $300 per kid...and this year I came in under budget. But of course I haven't hit the August sales to get the loads of tape, copy paper, glue sticks and colored pencils we inevitably go through!
This week has been wonderfully warm and very breezy. Reminds me of the beach, which is coming up very soon! Also makes me want to buy dresses. So much for that clothing fast. I have purchased tops from Ross at seriously low prices, and dresses at JC Penney for half off. Plus I had to buy off the rack for Emily and Jacob this year, and even though it was just at Ross and Old Navy, and on sale, it still adds up. Not something we have ever had to deal with before. Luckily we have been blessed with some extra cash so we covered it.
In other news, tensions are super high in Libya. Crazy dictator. I still get nervous over such things but not like I used to. Ever since I can remember I have had a high need to feel secure, and never handle it well when i do not feel secure or when I think my kids are not secure and safe. So, yeah, I am protective. But as my friend Cyndi says, I would rather have my kids in therapy as adults than missing or unsafe in any way as kids/young adults.
So all started when i was a kid and watched this nuclear nightmare of a movie called "The Day After". It made all the news my family watched suddenly become very real for me, and I had severe nightmares for years, even when I was 20 and beyond. I recall when the tv aired the first bombings of Desert Storm and I was 20. I literally fell apart emotionally with paralyzing fear. So, ever since I saw that movie, I quit watching much news, and as an adult I still rarely watch. I catch little pieces here and there, but I know myself well, and I know without doubt that in the vast majority of news (which seems to be mostly bad news) I am powerless to affect in any way, so I do not watch it, so i won't get stressed. You really can't be effective at raising your family when you feel paralyzing fear for safety. I watch just enough to send up prayers to God so He can handle it, because I know I can't and I know He has a plan and His will is going to be done. In that I can have peace. Well, also in leaving the tv news out of my life.
And right now I am not watching the news about Libya, just limited stuff on Japan (tsunami/earthquake). So please don't tell me about it. I like my world like it is.
Now, back to my week....I really enjoyed seeing our garden begin to sprout this week and today i am going to start my summer veggies! I also have a sewing project for a friend--an apron. I couldn't find the fabric I wanted but I got some cute stuff. We had a super busy Friday with co-op, fast food, playdates, pretend campout, more friends coming over, and a smores roast. Man, was I tired last night!
All in all life is good, and we seem to be heading the right direction, growing every day. I pray for the kids and this family, and the world situations, and the spread of the gospel, and all my friends with specific needs, and our country, and for the church and the future of the church.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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