Sunday, February 27, 2011

Homeschool this week

this week was different. we took off monday and tuesday to switch out winter clothes for summery stuff, but left a little bit of the long sleeves. it was nice to be relaxed but as i have learned, structure and routine are our friends, so back to a semi normal routine we went on wednesday. we did devo, math, writing and reading and a bit of science that they all begged for. usually the kids 6th and under do KONOS units, but wehn we hit the human repro unit i decided to springboard into the new apologia anatomy book, and we love it. this week we made a model of the human heart with grahams and marshmallows after learning the function and structure of the heart. we also did some more history. we are combining mystery of history with story of the world for a 4 year cycle. once the kids hit 7th grade we doa modified version of sonlight core curriculum. when they hit 9th, that will be their routine full time, so it is good prep, thoguh they are still welcome to join the KONOS and history stuff. i like the independence i have seen this year and the curriculum we have chosen. some have learned by leaps and bounds. we also decided to go year round sicne some are on a staggered schedule anyway. works better for eveyone. i signed us up for a field trip to the dr.pepper plant in waco for next month. i may regret that given the long drive but i think they will love it. besides, it will get them ready for the trip i want to take to the athens fish hatchery! so, back to our wednesday night elizabeth was having more bad cough--after a long trip to the park on one of our days off---so we headed to the dr on thurs where we foundshe has some mild asthmatic symptoms and was put on a 3 month dose of singulair...she tested negative for flu which was good. then we headed to ballet and when we got home the garage door had broken..big fun. the next day was friday and we had co-op fromm8 to 1, then picked up some DQ for lunch and headed to sam's club for the march groceries. we got home just in time to unload whiel clay clalled a garage repair man, and then we headed to theater class and came home to a house of boys for games and snacks. busy! saturday came with a shock though......................jacob woke up vomiting at 6am and kept it up until i got back from hip hop class with liz...then we girls had to get ready for a banquet at church and right as we were about to leave kim began runing a very high fever. i had to call her dad to come get her from the banquet. he wasn't home when we left or i would have left her at home.after the banquet she got really sick and motrin wasn't helping. she began vomiting. this went on all night and into today. and this mornign liz woke up feeling bad, and by 10am she had high fever and still does, but no vomiting yet. so now i am wondering if we picked up flu at the dr? oh well, a new school week starts tomorrow and we will see what it holds for prayer is wellness.
prayers this week for wellness for my kids, the Bonney family, Libya, Egypt and Korea, freedom, the Word to spread, safety for all of us, the Estes family, our co-op and for the Lord to use us and direct our paths in His ways.
Blessings to all!

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