Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Stuff

This month has been COLD. There has been a lot going on. We have had ballet, hip hop class and pinewood derby, a parade and a birthday party. So here comes lots of photos! The above is the pinewood derby race. Jordan had a great car, even though it didn't win. He likes to wear the scout shirt, though.
This was Emily's pirate party. I cannot believe she is 11. She had 6 girls come for pizza and games and crafts and a crazy talent show.
This is part of the talent show.
Jacob got in on the talent show and games by being Joker.
Duck Duck Goose is always big fun...
Pirates eating pizza.
pirates working on treasure chests with chocolate gold coins to go inside.
This is what kids do when they are imaginative. They make your bedroom into fru fru land and act stuff out.
They also help make lunch and set up themed tea parties for siblings.
And very often they leave the room before cleaning up. Is that really my room????? Yes, yes it is!
Sometimes we take kids out for ice cream on thier birthday. Apparently it makes them act strangely.
This is Jordan with his great grandma at the pinewood derby. Note the extreme excitement on his face. Mostly he sat in a chair to watch. Not much emotion. Calm and cool as always.
Her is Elizabeth with grandpa at the mall. She was showing off some hip hop moves.
Here is grandpa with Kimmie. She was acting crazy as always...giggling all the time.
And this is just schoolwork. They had just learned about nutrition as part of a human anatomy lesson and were cutting out pics for a food pyramid.

Well, that sums up the month....

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