Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Happpened in February

As usual, these are out of order. This is the fabulous group of kiddos.
One more of them. Getting so big! See why I cry over their growing up so much???
We had a trip to see the Dallas Symphony play Peter and the Wolf and Squirrel Nutkin. Very fun!
Our baby boy turned 7. SEVEN! Can you believe it??? I can't. He is such a neat kid. Very private, not terribly social, rough, tough, lover of guns swords and combat. Smart, sneaky, loving, tenderhearted.
He had some friends over for a party with brownie sundaes. He seemed to have a great time even though he wouldn't look at anyone while we sang to him.
The local homeschool group also had a Valentine Party for the preschool thru 2nd graders. That was fun and tasty! Our homeschool group also had registration for classes which start soon. We love that!
We have been studying human anatomy. Here are the kids with the Somebody game. A family favorite!
As you can see, Kimberly's person has some issues with one side of his lungs and his stomach. Maybe he is in surgery? And i think Jordan's guy has a kidney on his foot.
We also had a second BIG snowstorm. Lizzie stayed inside that day, but Jacob climbed a tree by the creek.
Lizzie has really been doing great with her reading! I am so glad to see that!
Jordan and Kimberly love working on school together, too.
And these are our ballerinas--obviously one lost her leotard!
so, I guess I am going to be a monthly blogger...well...probably not. But I do have much going on and life doesn't lend itself to a bunch of computer time. So with the passage of another month it was time to post some pictures! Hope you enjoyed a peek into life at our house! Blessings to all!

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