Friday, June 3, 2011

Dance and Camp and Play

Memorial Day weekend we camped in the backyard. Us girls didn't last past 1am. I would have stayed except the ground is hard and I am old (it was painful), and the dog was growling at the gate. SO we moved into the house at 1am. Still we roasted hot dogs, ate chips, drank lemonade and made smores over the fire pit. We had fun until the skeeters got hungry. We also visited the park and played a bit.
School is now reduced to morning devo, where we also discuss our history or KONOS unit, then PE before it is too hot, Language arts and math, then lunch and chores and read aloud. Then we call it a day and do whatever.
But this week K had dance camp and she LOVED it. Timbrel is such a blessing. We also had Jacob at Austins house twice and had Amelia come over to swim. We have been swimming twice this week. I think it is safe to say our summer has begun. We stay up later and sleep later, and enjoy many activities together.
I try to enjoy every second of every day with these kids knowing that it is going to come to an end too soon for my liking. They are blessings that I really do not deserve, but am blessed beyond belief to have, and I will always try to cherish, love, guide, and protect them.

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