Monday, June 27, 2011

We got lemons....

Well, you know the saying. We have to make lemonade. We thought this week would be filled with neat things to do while Em was at dance camp, but alas, one of the troopers came down with strep. So we were off to the doc and the pharmacy before lunch today. So, it kinda worked out well because some of us have been battling tummy issues, and some are just worn out from VBS.

So we are taking it easy this week, having devos every day, planning to swim some, planning to maybe see a movie, possibly painting the kids bathroom, getting to Sam's, and maybe running to Hobby lobby for some much needed sewing/craft supplies for these summer projects. We have about 3 quilts cut, 5 skirts in progress, and 3 more to cut out.

Planning for the upcoming school year got done on Sunday. I had this dream about what I needed to do so I sketched it out on paper and then let the kids see what they thought. It seemed like good planning, so I did all the word docs, printed the lists, organized my notebook, and we are ready to roll. I think this is my answer when I pray for the Lord to lead me where He needs me to go. I always pray for homeschooling wisdom and direction, and this weekend i believe I got it. It looks good. Not what I normally would have done, but I like the ideas that came. Gonna be a blessing of a year.

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