Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am tired. it was a great VBS week, but tiring. All the junk the kids bring home is almost torn up and trashed (I'm so glad!), but the preschool picture is hung and the seeds are growing and the excitement for LTC is supercharged since the topic is about the same. The stuffed animals were a big hit and we have a few!
Today we got up early and drove to Edom to pick blueberries. It was cloudy so that made it nicer. We ate in canton at a good tex-mex place and decided to make a trip back to Canton and the restaurant come October or November. I have about 1 gallon of blackberries and 1 1/2 of blueberries now. i will have to get on the ball and make some blueberry french toast for this week!
I think I am ready for the dance camp. I have all her food and she has her dance wear ready. Not sure what the rest of us will do, but I suspect it will involve bowling, swimming, sewing, art, and such. Maybe even a movie on Tuesday!
Believe it or not I am kinda ready for the kids to start back some modified school on July 5th. This will have been a three week break. I also need to finish up the last minute planning for the coming year. Not sure how I want to proceed. I liked creating my own science/history when they were younger, but we have used KONOS for a couple of years now, and I am not sure I want to still do that or start modifying it all again on my own. I have one kid already in the older grades and out of that stuff, and one more about to be. We will continue with SOTW for history, but the science I am not sure about. Maybe a combo of KONOS and my own creation...hhmmmm...maybe. Boy, they are getting older! Next fall I will have two in youth group, one of them in high school. OUCH! Then I will almost surely go back to designing my own stuff. Oh well, it always works itself out with thought and prayer! Amazing we will have all five in full school this fall. Time does fly!
Well, here's wishing your family a great week in Jesus!

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