Saturday, June 4, 2011


It has been a great day! We (me and Kim and Emily) went to the Farmer's Market to see what was going on at 8:40 this morning, then we came home, ate some breakfast, cleaned up the house, I did a little sewing, then we all, the whole family, loaded up to head to Ben's birthday party. Ben is my nephew who turned 2. His parents planned a cookout with lots of burgers, hot dogs, chip and dip, and tons of delicious fresh fruit. It lasted from noon until about 3:30, so we didn't get home until 4pm. Our girls went shopping with cousin Maggie and grandparents to celebrate Elizabeth's 9th birthday. Can she really be nine?? Surely not. Such a talented sweet tenderhearted girl. They will take the boys shopping in a couple of weeks for Jacob's 13th. That is definitely not right, right? I guess it is though. I am about to be a parent of a teenager. But I have to say, he is a gem. A truly good boy, a talented filmmaker and dancer and artist. Both of them are very concerned about doing right by the Bible, and for that I am so pleased. I feel like John, who said, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth."
After we got home I attended part of a friend's daughter's recital, then took the Jacob to spend a little of his birthday money. Now we are relaxing at home, waiting for worship tomorrow so we can offer praises, prayers, and worship to our Lord, Creator and Saviour. May we all examine ourselves as we commune with our Lord and remember his death, burial and resurrection each Sunday, and devote ourselved daily to living for His glory by obedience to His Word.
Wishing you a blessed week!!

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