Saturday, June 11, 2011

Color My World

Now I really don't recall what i had in mind for these prints, but they sure get me excited with all the brightness. I love color and it seems this spring i am honing on the blue/green/yellow families. Weakness for fabric....maybe I will do a simple 9 square block and alternate them with yellow sashings and white backgrounds...who knows? Or just a cool checkerboard with prints and yellows would really highlight the cute factor...hmmm...have to think on that.
This I bought just because I liked it. I will use it for a wall quilt of some kind. Hopefully for my bedroom, but maybe just as a couch throw. Not sure, but I really liked it. Seemed soothing and calm and serene, like the end of a summer day.
I got these from for a tree quilt project that I altered a bit...maybe more than just a little. Amy Butler designs are so cool! The trees are cut and ready to be sewn. I just need the brown and white to complete it and I can hang it in the foyer! These prints are fabulous!
This here is the new stash of skirt fabric: peace signs for Em and maybe Liz, white and black and floral for me, and pink eyelet for all the girls. is great! I had an order totaling over $250, but scaled it wayyyyyyyy back and just got these. After all, I can get overly ambitious...
This dress was completed a few weeks ago after being cut out for 2 years. It is very flattering on, but hanging there it kinda looks blah. Oh well, I like it. Speaking of sitting around for 2 years, I also have 3 cute quilt projects that are cut and partially sewn....guess I will work on those here and there, but the skirts come first...and I saw some awesome fall stretch wool blend in great neutrals for a jumper and culottes...but I digress.
This is the latest project that I am working on...a skirt for me. I just need some interfacing and extra time to complete it. I love the colors! Happy summer colors! All it needs is the waistband, zipper, and hem. And I have two tanks to go with it!
So there you have fabric obsession...or at least all I was willing to show you.
Let the sewing begin!

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