Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coming soon......

The coming week holds lots of adventure! My oldest, sadly, will be at camp with the youth group, and will be sorely missed. But to keep our minds off of that, the rest of us will be active. Very active. We plan to swim often, one girl will be in God's Little Ballerinas 2.5 camp, there will be a birthday party, a swim date, a skating night, a trip to an orchard, and a trip to Rockwall. We might even hit a sprayground and do some other things. I hope to work on sewing and homeschool scrapbooking, too. So I guess we will be taking the week off homeschool...make that possibly 2 weeks, because the following week is our totally awesome VBS focusing on God's Creation with apologetics. Then the next following week is intermediate dance camp at the Christian dance school.
Whew! Anyone else tired just from reading that????
So as you go through your days, remember to try to glorify God in all you do, say and participate in. Smile and be kind. And pray for those who need it...those who are ill, who have had surgery, who have lost loved ones, who are travelling, who have terminally ill children, who are struggling emotionally and spiritually. And have a blessed week!

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