Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Fresh Week

After recital it is kinda hard to come down off the "high".
So we downloaded recital music, since it was Christian music, and began the week. Monday was stormy but we headed to the Southwest Dairy museum for a great tour, and free ice cream. Also went to the library, grocery store and topped it off with Monday Night for the Master singing at a retirement center. That is always a blessing! Tuesday was just normal, as was Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. Nothing unusual, no dance classes to rush to, just time to play and read and enjoy life.
So the weekend arrived and it is Memorial Day weekend. We cook out at home and are camping in the backyard, mowing, taking care of the garden, doing some shopping, worshipping the Lord and just taking life easy.

June will have 4 different dance camps for the kids, one church camp, one week of VBS and several birthday parties (3 in this house). But when July comes we can chill, and swim, bowl, skate, sew, read, and just CHILL! Except that it will be daily over 100 degrees by we won't chill a lot, we'll do more sweating in reality...LOL! Have a great day for Jesus, ya'll!

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