Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ever feel like life comes at you in waves?? Like you just know when you are supposed to build a family because it is on your heart. Or you know it is a time when you are going to make quilts because you have geometric patterns and ideas all in your head. or you know it is time to try natural and homemade because you have access and interest where there was none before. Well, call me crazy but i think God puts things on our hearts when we pray for Him to lead us to what we should accomplish, and lately i have been feeling the need to sew for myself and daughters. I know it costs more, but modesty is at stake in the stores. And though i love to sew, my semester has been filled with the leading to be grounded in my kids and family and homeschooling. So that is where I have planted myself, but lately my leaDING IS NOT AWAY FROM THOSE THINGS BUT WITH AN ADDITION OF THE SEWING i USED TO DO SO OFTEN. Ok, had a caps lock incident and i am not going to correct it, but rest assured i was not yelling at you. Anyway... i got several emails lately from my fave pattern site and decided to order a few. Then it will be time to search for fabric. I think it is also time to do more sewing instruction with my eldest girl. She loves to sew. Maybe that is why it is on my heart to march forward. Summer is coming and maybe we just need to focus on lightweight fabric that covers rather than the worldly skimp. I am glad this is on my heart, though. I have wanted to get back into it, but had no idea how to work it in. God leads us well, when we seek Him, even if it just a leading to sew.


Laura said...

I sew for the girls all the time and actually find it cheaper than buying ready made. I do haunt the 5/$5 table at Walmart and search through it each trip to find good quality fabric. Since I've gotten varying degrees of good fabric online, I find it's the best way for us - I can check right then where it's see through or not. With 5 yards, I've been able to make 5 culottes. Not too bad for a $1 a piece and little leg work. Good luck!! I love it! And the kids have fun picking out their material.

Just Me said...

we have enjoyed it, but i have a hard time finding fabric I like on the sale table sometimes so i order at when they run sales. Most of our clothes are handed down or Goodwill stuff, or clearance rack, but like the customization of sewing, I just have much less time for it than i did when they were younger. Still, it is fun to teach the kids and get back into it as a family.

Just Me said...

i will have to look more often at the WM sale table and see if I can find some good, cute stuff.