Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Electricity in the air!

This was the week of our spring recital. All we ever did was Nutcracker, so this was new territory, but MAN! it really got us pumped for dance. I was blown away by the talent. The moves and outfits and music were all so geared toward glorification of our Creator. I was beyond impressed with the school and the participants. Many of these we know personally and have grown to love dearly. We will be taking summer camps and hopefully signing up for more classes in fall. This place is a blessing! Above is finale from recital. All kids signed the final verse of I Know That You Are For Me.
Here is the owner and most talented woman with a vision of Christian dance...Mrs. Beth Wood. She performed in many of the numbers. She is superwoman. Just wish she had time to join co-op again...but that is ok. We see her and her kids very often at the studio!
Liz and Bianca are dressed and ready for the younger group hip hop number to Bring the Party to Life (Group 1 Crew). They were awesome! But also sad that their teacher Susanna had graduated and would be leaving. Tears were shed.
Jacob with his great friends Daniel and David. All share love of dance and filmmaking and art. Now Jacob may take more than theater. He is interested in Irish. Wonderful!
Primary ballerinas waiting to go onstage. So cute! Kimberly did great to Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus). Miss Kayla was wonderful with them, but we will dearly miss Laura! Why do they have to graduate????
And this is the kind of weather we have had this May. Very stormy, lots of tornadic activity. But it didn't keep us down. We have schooled, played, visited, danced, studied, gone to worship and bible study, evangelism, and other stuff. Praying for what the future holds as we try to do all to glorify our Lord. May your week be blessed!

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