Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Weeks

Well, it has been 2 weeks since I posted. Largely because we were on vacation. Then we had to catch up on first of the month grocery shopping and dance lessons, and our youngest performed downtown at a community event, and of course it was Mother's Day.
So much happened! Vacation was FAB! I love the beach house and the windy waves and the pool and the walking trails. So peaceful. BUT I would never want to be there in the summer due to the heat and crowds. i love it in spring. And we likely will not go next year so I am sad, and will miss it. But as long as we are together it will be grand. We had so much fun together and got tons of beautiful pictures. it is always great to see the kids loving their siblings. We also enjoyed greatly the Pensacola NAS museum, which is free! If we were early risers we could have seen the Blue Angels fly, but still, the museum was great!
When we came home, we finally stayed at a hotel that was quiet. I think that may be a first! I dislike staying at hotels, almost as much as camping, but not quite. For groceries I visited 2 places near Dallas called Natural Grocers and Sprouts. That was AWESOME! The stuff you can get to bake with and the fresh produce was out of sight!.
Then to get to see K perform her ballet downtown in front of a city of strangers was getting me all teary eyed. K didn't even flinch on stage. She was a natural! Plus seeing our dance school's hip hop kids perform to positive music based on the book of Romans made me so proud. They were non seductive, modest, and clean. How rare!
Mother's Day was nice. Clay took the kids shopping and they each picked out something so i got new househoes, aloe infused socks, new kitchen towel set, scentsy brick, a candle, candy and bathroom soap dispenser and matching toothbrush holder. We also had a youth devo with all the families and ate pizza and then played soccer (parents vs kids). It was really fun!
Now back to the business of homeschooling. Such a life of blessings!
Hope you have a great week!

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