Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Very Busy Week, Indeed!

School with Kimberly
Checking out the view--love being that high for noise reasons
the whole awesome crew!
The competitors
The family on Easter morning. Love that bunch!
With cousins and grandparents at grandma and grandpa's ready to hunt candy!

Last week was kind of a blur. We schooled a lot, and studied Revelation a lot. It was LTC crunch time. I know we had a good week, though.
Early friday we headed out to a dental checkup for Clay and arrived in Dallas at 7:50am. Coffee in hand of course! That took all of 20 minutes so we were stuck with a full day in dallas. We killed time eating at a McDonalds in Dallas and then headed to Northpark Mall. Amazing what they charge for those brand names! We played "guess the price" on a Jimmy Choo purse in Nieman's. It was so funny to watch the kids expressions as they guessed. But alas, no one got it right. Real cost was $1395.00...for real...for a purse, folks! Unbelievable! Cute shoes for a mere $895, too! Clay said, "i'll get ya that purse for Christmas..." funny, dear...I'll take the cash instead (like we'd even spend that much on the whole Christmas experience! Get real!).
So after that we got lost looking for a game stop, then ate at Mattito's. It was good-never heard of it before, but it was tasty and they had great service.
On to the hotel...We arrived around 1:45pm, got to our room on the 21st floor and rested. I turned in the art at 3pm, then we headed downstairs at 4pm for Emily's chorus and Jacob's puppet competitions. Then back to the room for sandwiches, then back down at 6:30 for Bible Bowl for Jacob, Emily and Elizabeth. that was from 7pm-9:30pm. 100 questions over Revelation. Not easy, even after 4 months of study. The kids all did their best and I am proud of their effort and attitudes. I know for one of mine it was a seriously difficult task to take the test.
After the test we headed to the room, where Clay was with the 2 youngest. I had to take Jacob to the 25th floor for a drama practice, and Kim went too. we got in at 11pm, and hit the sack.
By 7am we were up making coffee, and getting ready to go downstairs for Jacob's live drama. Then we saw Elizabeth's puppets, and by 11am we went back up to the room to eat and pack. From then on we lived in the Marsalis ballroom with the other youth groups. The girls competed in live drama at 3pm and then we headed home (with another monstrous meltdown...remember Hobby Lobby?...at the valet parking desk--oh, fun!). Overly tired children do that from time to time. We were wiped out and went to bed after watching The Ten Commandments. Funny how biblically inaccurate it is.
On Sunday we went to worship, went to my parents' house for lunch and egg hunt, went home and to the store to make sandwiches for church, then back to church for awards banquet and sandwich supper.
We were exhausted to say the least.
So this week we headed to the Mesquite Metro Airport for a field trip on Monday, and today we are hunkering down under threat of tornadoes. Lord willing we will be protected tonight and get to run errands tomorrow, and ready ourselves for our next big adventure!

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